What would happen if you gave just one percent of your life to changing the world? 

Dear Readers,
There are 1440 minutes in a day. Do you know what one percent of that number is? It's 14 minutes and 24 second. What would happen if you took just one percent of your daily life and gave it away to someone or something other than yourself? You can keep the other 99% to sleep, eat, work, take care of your family, exercise, watch cute kitten videos, take selfies, whatever. That's all yours. But what could happen if you took roughly 15 minutes a day, a mere 1% of your life and gave it away?

For the last ten years I've been writing about spirituality and human potential. As I've looked back on the last decade, I've discovered that all the books I've written have been about something I call Microshifts. What's a Microshift? Well, my new book by that name is publishing in February 2019, but for not it is Just a small change you can make in your life that if done consistently can bring fulfillment and connection into your life.    
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--Gary Jansen